Storefront Social Support August 14, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Google Analytics is the best tool for seeing in depth analysis about your site. If you haven't signed up already, get your account now at

Using the link below, you can give your URLs specific parameters so you can watch the stats driven specifically from your storefront on Facebook. Remember though that Social Media REQUIRES engagement, so use this as a tool to determine how to get your products actively engaging your customers by featuring a product of the day, sharing specific products to your news feed, creating a discount for your fans etc..

Storefront Social Support April 13, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Sometimes, during an import into CSV format, the description area has the wrong format for displaying characters. You can highlight the column, right click, and select format cells. Select a category that previews the #'s to turn into text. This may be a Number or other category format. Click through these options until one shows all the text. Save your CSV, and then import it to Storefront Social!

Storefront Social Support April 13, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Absolutely! You don't have to have a complete e-commerce platform in order to gain the benefits of Storefront Social. If you already have products set up in Paypal, you can simply use the URL associated with those products and build your storefront. Storefront Social allows you to manually add products so you can control everything from the image, to price, description, category and where it links--so of course, linking to a Paypal product would work!

Storefront Social Support April 6, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Are you a current Bonanzle store owner? You can import your products to Storefront Social by taking your RSS feed and converting it into a CSV! Just follow the few simple steps below creating the CSV from your RSS Feed:

  1. Go to your RSS feed page. Typically in the format of: for Bonanzle Users, others give you a URL where all your product data is available to you. If you're not sure, contact your ecommerce provider and ask them for your product feed in XML or RSS format.
  2. Right Click on this page and view the page source code.
  3. Select the entire content, and copy.
  4. Open Microsoft Word and paste the entire contents.
  5. Now Save as an XML Document.
  6. Open Microsoft Excel and open the XML document.
  7. Now you will be able to see your entire RSS feed organized per header--format this to match the Sample CSV provided by Storefront Social and go to the My Datafeeds page and your import will take all the items from your current CSV and populate them all!

Storefront Social Support March 15, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Storefront Social has made it simple for you to import data and have it shown on your Facebook account. Follow these easy steps and have your store on Facebook in minutes! After signing up for the plan that best suits your business needs of how many products you'd like to showcase on Facebook:

  1. Get an export of your products from your ecommerce provider--usually provided as an RSS, XML, or CSV
  2. Edit or paste the product data into the CSV in THIS FORMAT.
  3. Sign into Storefront Social Admin and import your products.
  4. Get your Facebook ID by adding this application to your fan page. Update this ID number on your My Account page and your store is instantly linked!